First time growing indoors cannabis

I´m finally doing this! I bought the Cannabis kit on December 2020, and it took a while to set it up. My kit has a name by the way, Kitlandia. I´m starting with 10 Somango seeds. -It´s a cross between the Jack Herer and Big Skunk. -Indica-dominant hybrid. – 75% Indica / 25% Sativa. I never tried Somango before. Until very recently I would only … Continue reading First time growing indoors cannabis

Do you self-sabotage?

There are different definitions of self-sabotage, but the one that impacted me the most was this one: “The act of destroying or damaging something deliberately so that it does not work correctly” That is how I feel about myself when it comes to relationships or getting involved emotionally with someone, I always fuck it up. There is something about my behavior that changes, and it … Continue reading Do you self-sabotage?

Rainy freezing Saturday during a third lockdown

Is very cold in Barcelona and we are in lockdown again. I used to feel guilty if I stayed in the whole weekend, but now I have the perfect excuse. This collage has been “on hold” for months, because from one collage, 2 more were created! First, I taped a piece of cardboard on the wall. This was recycle from the packaging from my protein … Continue reading Rainy freezing Saturday during a third lockdown

I´m a highly-functional smoker

Of course, that when I’m not high I´m much faster and sharp, but overall I can manage to do anything. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t drive or put myself or others at risk. But I talk about the everyday routines, walks, cooking, cleaning, doing my collages, doing laundry. All those activities that you know by heart already. However, sometimes I wonder how much weed … Continue reading I´m a highly-functional smoker

Sunday Morning joint while wearing lingerie by myself at home

Why not? For me, is a perfect plan. I´m used to being alone, although I live with my cat and he is the best partner to be honest. I have always kept a distance between me and other people. I´m not attached to people, family or friends. I can easily live with a huge ocean in between us and not be upset about it. The … Continue reading Sunday Morning joint while wearing lingerie by myself at home