9 am date after spending the night in prison

If you check out the post “The night I got fucked up in Tahoe” you will know that back in 2007, I spent a night in prison in California, USA for public intoxication.

I was released around 8am on a Sunday, with no money, no keys, no id, no phone, apparently I had nothing on me when I was detained. It looks like a got out of my house super drunk only wearing flip flops and a hoodie. And for additional drama, it was winter in South Lake Tahoe. I was lucky it was not snowing.

The police station was close to my house, I hitchhiked and made it back home.

My roommate opened the door, she was super worried I went missing. I went straight to my bed and passed out.

Unfortunately, I had a date schedule at 9am with a guy who wanted to go hiking in the morning and in the afternoon to watch a show of Cirque Du Soleil in Reno, Nevada.

I was no near ready for a hike, I wanted to throw up.

He rang my door, I opened, told him I was super hangover and I couldn´t even speak. He offered to come back in the afternoon and only go to the show. I said yes. I was so worried about my fucked-up in prison, so hangover and down about everything that I thought it could help me relax.

He came back in the afternoon, had one of those huge American trucks, the ones you have to jump in if you are short like me.

As soon as I open the door, I noticed something on the floor board.

There was a rotten apple.


I jumped in and closed the door.

I noticed the smell right away. I wondered if he knew about the apple existence and why he didn´t notice the rotten smell.

He was a nice guy and wanted to chit-chat a lot. My hangover was slowly killing me.

We arrived to Reno, went to the show and it was amazing of course, it was Cirque Du Soleil.

We went to the show with some of his friends and we all had dinner afterwards.

I have no idea what impression they might have had of me. I was super tired, but I remembered I talked a lot. No idea about what.

We started the drive back. He wanted to chit-chat again, but this time I passed out on the seat.

We arrived at my place. I really don´t know if the guy wanted to kiss me or not, but as soon as he parked I opened the door of the car, said “thank you for a lovely day” and got out.

That season in Lake Tahoe was very different, because that night in prison brought consequences that I had to deal with for the next 6 months. But that´s another story…

By the way, I never talked to the guy again.

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