There’s nothing wrong with being single

Don’t you agree? Even if I wanted to find a partner, life keeps pushing them away. I´m never the one they choose for one reason or another one. Sometimes I fuck things up with my out-of-control emotions, and sometimes I´m not much into them so I walk away.

If you heard of Quino, I have never been a “Susanita”. In my life goals, becoming a mother or a wife was never an important achievement. So I have mix emotions about this.

I don´t feel the need of having a partner, but every time I meet someone who could potentially become one things don´t work out. So the feeling of forever single feels right for me.

I consider myself attractive, but there´s something about me that pushes man away.

I think that my behaviour makes them lose interest.

Does this happens to you? You look at yourself at the mirror and say you look good mami.

But it doesn´t translate into anything else. You feel like you are not capable of being in a relationship with a man. How sad is that?

For the last years, I only connect with man on a sexual level. I don´t even go to their place, they come over to mine. I smoke a joint, sometimes they join me, they fuck me well and they leave. Just like that. Does this mean there´s something wrong with me? Usually woman expect to be cuddle, to be taken care of, to mean more than a sexual interaction.

This is where it gets tricky for me….

To the outside I´m an independent woman who doesn´t need help or even love. I tell everyone I love being single and that is my choice.

But you know what? Man don´t approach me and they don´t try to date me. They come over to fuck me, but never invite me over to their place.

I’m the problem? Are man the problem? I’m starting to care.

However, at the end of the day, what makes me truly happy is cuddling with him, Apolo.

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