About Cata Love

What if you are 40 and still trying to figure things out?

Never thought I would be writing a blog, but here I ‘am.

It started when Catalina died and Cata Love was born. I guess it was a healthy way to cope with her lost.

This has been the year of rewriting your own history, don´t you think?

Fucking and unexpected 2020.

I’m a mix between Argentina, Spain and Italy but when it comes to writing it flows better in English 🌍

I found my place in the world in Barcelona.

What will you find here: Blogs about life and sex, cannabis and lots of collages, my love for animals and my journey becoming a vegan.

Instagram La Cata Love


I recycle many things and make collages out of it.

Cannabis blog

I´m learning how to grow my own cannabis. It helps with my anxiety and depression.


I´m 95% vegan and that made a huge positive impact in my life.

On the back is Catalina´s photo and the collage that I made to honor all my felines that are on the feline heaven.
Of course, Apolo has to be part of it.

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